About us

History, purpose, and mission

At IceFyre Solutions, we are devoted to addressing the unique problems and challenges your business confronts by harnessing the power of technology. Our unwavering commitment centers around prioritizing a problem-solving methodology driven by the application of advanced technology.

Since 2017, we have been helping various organizations streamline their operations by providing tailor-made software solutions that address their problems.

Our solutions cover a broad spectrum, ranging from standalone web & mobile applications to ERP integrations, CRMs, e-commerce solutions, and specialized B2B and B2C apps.

We assist people in achieving their goals by designing software solutions that optimize and simplify their work. The desire for every organization to prosper, combined with our understanding of technology processes, leads us to develop products in which a pleasant user experience is the primary quality attribute.

Team, culture, and office

Although our offices are located in London and Pancevo, we willingly provide remote work for our conscientious individuals. We extend trust in the hopes of receiving the same in return.

We enjoy creating a community of quality people who are easy to work with. Therefore, we nurture feedback culture and interpersonal relationships by establishing a transparent decision-making and responsibility system.

Our vision is to assist in creating a world where ideas, society, and technology are evolving at the same pace. Participation in people’s growth makes us proud and accomplished. 

How do we manage to nurture this kind of culture? By promoting our core values:


We strive to be loyal to our clients and employees and we live it through long-term cooperation and education.


Your principles, mission, vision, values and goals are our main guiding star. We listen to you carefully.



We are your partner when your goals are so big that you are scared to share it with other people!

We respect traditional values such as: courage, family, promise and honor as well as your culture and tradition, wherever you live and work.
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Our main strength is the development of information systems and software that addresses certain business issues

Main Industries

We have many years of experience and happy, repeat customers in the following areas. But, regardless of the knowledge we have, we are here to implement your ideas because every business has its specifics.

If you are unsure what kind of application will best handle your acute problem, we offer free consulting and business analysis to help you identify a suitable solution. We may also help you and your team as product consultants or enhance your existing product.

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Supply chain
Finance services
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