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Introduction to Machine Learning

The Introduction to Machine Learning course is professional training on applying 10 machine learning techniques led by a lecturer certified for data science by IBM, with 15 years of experience in machine learning.

The course covers the most applicable artificial intelligence techniques, such as neural networks, recommender systems, computer vision, and generative models, and the implementation of 8 libraries that facilitate work. Thanks to the trend of applying these techniques, Netflix and Amazon have been achieving global success for decades.

Such skills are now available to you.

Nauči ML
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The results you will achieve after this course are:

  • more significant opportunities for data science jobs,
  • development of own projects that apply machine learning or 
  • applying for financial support for the development of startups.
The Introduction to Machine Learning course is structured over 10 weeks and is realized entirely online.

It is intended for anyone who:
  • set out to learn machine learning on your own, but you don’t want to waste time, and you want to get results faster,
  • utilize Python and want to make a serious move to machine learning for new opportunities,
  • have completed studies in engineering or computer science, and you didn’t have chance to learn about this at the university, even though you were very interested,
  • are ambitious, dedicated to professional development and overcoming new challenges and want to be up to date,
  • see professional development as an investment in the future.
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Ice Fyre Solutions

We at IceFyre Solutions are dedicated to developing software solutions that will make people’s work more straightforward and productive. In the last year and a half, we have focused on educating future experts, and so far, about 100 people have gone through our education.

60% of them enrolled in our training on recommendation.

Impressions of our programming school participants

  • Sandra Matejić

    The beginning of the training and everything that followed turned my life upside down in the best possible way. People are incredibly interested in imparting knowledge and investing in you during training and when you start working. Besides helping you achieve something you desire, they are there to show you with support that you can do anything.

    Sandra Matejić
  • Marko Krsmanović

    The lectures exceeded all expectations! The other day, I told a friend I wouldn't have believed it if someone had told me I would write code after 5-6 classes. Kudos to the lecturer; he always explains everything in detail and clearly, and of course, he always answers additional questions, even explaining with an example—just the praises.

    Marko Krsmanović

The price is 1200 euros and can be paid in 4 installments.

We form new groups of students several times a year. Please write to us at for the start date of the next group and ensure yourself a place among the first.

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